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You can trust our team to deal with the cleaning part, and we will provide the utmost excellence. We will guarantee a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected space which will boost the morale of all the working personnel. You won’t have to worry about the cleaning part as we will provide a solution for that.

While we work to enable you to focus on your core responsibilities, we also target to ensure that you are compliant with the authorities. Complaints concerning your hygienic health shouldn’t be something you and your team should worry about. As a business, you need to focus on what you do best, and let us cover what we do best!

Looking for “cleaning services near me?” Look no further than U.S. Janitorial of Florida. Our janitorial services are dedicated to cleaning various spaces with the utmost quality. We get the different cleaning tasks done using sophisticated and proven equipment that gives the results you are looking for. Some of the facilities in Lakeland that we have offered our services to are include:


In business over 20 years | Daily, Semi-Weekly, Or Weekly Cleaning​ | Lakeland's most reliable & affordable commercial cleaning company

Why Work With Us

Reputable Janitorial Service Providers in Florida

Clients vary from one to another, where there are gym clients, offices, and mall owners. Our experience in offering a cleaning solution lets us offer you a specialty cleaning service that is ideal for you.
With years of experience we can help with all of your office cleaning needs. Our team works with your schedule and availability. Need help with window cleaning, vacuuming, or basic janitorial duties? You can rely on U.S. Janitorial.
We use state-of-the-art janitorial equipment to offer the services to our clients. Moreover, each method and equipment is completely safe; hence your employees are not exposed to any risks. The chemicals we use are authorized and approved by the relevant authorities. The immediate environment is considered when we offer the services- hence ensuring no damage to your property.

The methods we apply not only clean the workspace but also preserve them to ensure long term use. Most chemicals used in cleaning damage the environment and also the exact point they are meant to clean. You will realize that your property will be in excellent condition with the solution we offer for a significant period. With us, you get a team of environmentally aware janitors that you can trust!

You can count on our experience to provide you with the results you are looking for from a commercial cleaning service. We have been providing similar services to many commercial spaces in Florida, and rarely have we failed to offer quality work. We have cleaned as well as provided quality janitorial services to many clients in the area.
This is what makes U.S Janitorial Services above the rest of the business. For starters, we are experienced in cleaning various spaces, and even the most special cleaning processes can be received from us. Specialty cleaning services may be needed for cleaning gyms and spas, where few janitorial services can come through for you.

U.S. Janitorial Services of Florida offers you the most competitive rates you will find in the region. Even though we offer clients superior services marked with state of the art technologies, you will find our charges to be affordable. Therefore, you can count on us to offer you a cost-effective cleaning service at a price you can afford. You just have to contact us, and we will consult with you and tailor a cleaning package that works for you.

When you are looking for a dedicated janitorial service, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of a lower payment. You will end up paying less but will not enjoy the quality of the work offered. Our team boasts top-notch cleaning and disinfecting services to all our clients.

If you are looking for efficiency, then we are the team to trust with your janitorial work. Our main target is to improve the cleanliness of your workspace using the most efficient equipment and within the shortest time. We understand that the commercial workspace is busy and crowded with new guests daily, and hence the need for urgency.

We guarantee that our team will be swift while offering the service while not sacrificing quality. Therefore, your workspace will be cleaned and ready for use within the shortest time possible.

Our greatest strength as a cleaning service is our cleaning staff. We work with some of the most qualified and highly trained personnel for each of our cleaning projects. They are trained to operate various cleaning devices and can easily offer you the cleaning service you want. The staff is also filled with highly dedicated employees who take pride in the work offered to clients.

The coordination of the cleaning staff is also a key factor in our success. Each team member answers to a superior who supervises them in every project. The supervisor also works to evaluate the service offered and ensures that you get a quality service. We are also keen to evaluate the performance of the staff using on-site visits, as we seek to better the service each time.

Modern cleaning requires sophisticated cleaning equipment that is highly effective. Traditional cleaning equipment will not work for the hard-to-reach areas like restrooms and even for some office equipment. We have effective cleaning equipment for commercial tile and grout cleaning, commercial upholstery cleaning services, and commercial window cleaning services.

The coordination of the cleaning staff is also a key factor in our success. Each team member answers to a superior who supervises them in every project. The supervisor also works to evaluate the service offered and ensures that you get a quality service. We are also keen to evaluate the performance of the staff using on-site visits, as we seek to better the service each time.

Commercial janitorial cleaning services offer a sense of security to the employees as well as the clients. For instance, clients will have the impression that your offices are professional and hence desire to associate with you more. In addition, employees and clients will have that much-needed confidence whenever they walk into the workplace. They will surely be looking forward to a productive day!

Everyone enjoys the atmosphere created by improved indoor air quality and a sparkling clean environment. We can provide you with that if you are in Florida. Our services range from the basic janitorial program to ensuring that your workspace receives the required certification as far as sanitation is concerned. As a result, you won’t have to deal with complaints from relevant authorities about the hygiene level of your property.

It is no debate that we all appreciate well-cleaned windows, sparkling floors, clean and stocked restrooms, and windows without a smudge on them. These also create a serene atmosphere and fresh air that is fairly relaxing. U.S Janitorial Services guarantees that your space will have these characteristics.

Employees in any institution are motivated by their immediate working environment. The working environment here is implied by the floors, the walls, and even the washrooms. Moreover, they are guaranteed good health and fewer sick days when they are in perfect sanitary conditions. Top-notch janitorial services can guarantee this, especially if you want to maintain high hygiene in your workplace.

The best janitorial services in Florida not only clean the dirt off your workplace but create a positive working environment. If you are not aware of the changes it will bring, you should try out the best you can find. You will be amazed by the sparkling floors and clean walls that our work guarantees. This will also be conveyed in the productivity of your employees- what top-notch janitorial services ensure is that your workplace has the atmosphere that motivates employees. With an increased motivation on the employees’ side, productivity will also improve by a significant fold.

If you are in Florida and are looking for the best janitorial services, you don’t need to look any further! With us, you get a team of highly motivated and dedicated staff that will provide you with the best janitorial services. Our target is to ensure that your workspace is at its highest when it comes to hygiene.
The best janitorial services are needed for business spaces such as malls, gyms, and even barbershops. Well-cleaned rooms will guarantee that clients or whoever walks into that space will be joyous with the atmosphere created.

We are the most reputable janitorial service providers in Florida, and that is for a reason. The following factors illustrate why we are worth working with.

Focus on your core business, and let us deal with the cleaning!

As a firm, your main target is concentrating on production because that is where you specialize in. However, employees and senior staff need to focus on the productive part- where your money comes from. Therefore, you will be forced to outsource activities such as cleaning the office or workplace areas.

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Happy Janitorial Services Client Reviews From Florida

Full & eco-friendly tailored cleaning services
"We have been working with U.S. Janitorial for over a year at our Orlando and Tampa locations and they are by far the best floor & ceiling services we have ever had. They are thorough and always willing to handle any additional requests. I highly recommend them for professional cleaning."
Alvaro Rojas
"We recently used US Janitorial services to deep clean the ceiling in our Deli and our Bakery.  I was impressed with the level of detail and how fresh and clean everything looked.  I recommend using them for future cleaning projects. "
Jessica - GM
"I have been using Us Janitorial for a few months now and they do a great job at our restaurant. Michael is very detailed and he always double checks the work and behind the bar in case they missed any spots. 5/5 — thanks!"
Jack William

Lakeland FL Cleaning

We are the most reputable janitorial service providers in Florida, and that is for a reason. 

We guarantee that our intervention will ensure that your employees are highly motivated and not worry about environmental hygiene. Instead, all their efforts will be direct towards their core responsibilities at the workplace. Clients will also appreciate the fresh air and productive working atmosphere that our services create.

Contact us for a change in your workplace in Florida, office, or business area. Our team will come through and guide you before offering the service that will work for you & your business.

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