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It is needless to spend your time dusting and cleaning your bar when you can contract the best cleaning company to do the job for you. Cleaning a bar area is not a small task; more often than not, it will run your energy down. If you opt to engage your workers in cleaning your bar’s premises, you need to know that their productivity will be lower because they can experience fatigue and allergies. Therefore, you need a top cleaning company to deliver the best job.

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As one of the best and most professional companies in Lakeland, Florida, we clean all bar facilities in the area. Our company has experienced immense growth over the past decade, and we have more than one hundred professionally trained employees. In addition, we have cleaned various bars in Florida and beyond, growing our reputation and skills.
Our clients have trusted us with commercial-scale cleaning tasks, and we have several positive feedback on our page. Our five-star ratings show that we offer the best bar cleaning services in Lakeland, Florida, and beyond, in addition, we offer cleaning services for churches, mosques, commercial properties, car dealerships, and retail stores in Lakeland and the surrounding areas.

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Bar Cleaning Services

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Our staff is trained on the job. When introducing new cleaning technologies, we ensure that our staff are retrained. For example, after Covid-19, when businesses reopened, were trained our staff on disinfecting spaces in bars. They learned how to clean the commonly touched areas such as lights, toilets, doors, and handles, plus other details.

Our company is fully licensed and follows all the laws and regulations based on the basic food and beverage standards. We understand the importance of obeying laws and how they enhance our work.

We can clean your premises even during emergencies. For example, we clean bars that have been flooded with storm waters. We do a fast job and ensure that we restore your business operations to normalcy. The high number of staff also provides that we can clean more than one bar simultaneously. We also have enough machines that help us to accomplish the job.

We offer the best and most modern cleaning services in bars. We use environment-friendly soaps, shampoos, and machines. We understand that trendy bars have kitchens with machines and computers that can be destroyed by uniform pressure cleaning. Therefore, we have tailored our service to clean everything with a different method. We do not have a “one fits all” cleaning system. Every space in the bar has its cleaning tools, machines, and styles.

Our high cleaning standards have been set to deliver the best quality bar cleaning services. So when you call us, we will avail ourselves at your bar.

Why Choose Us for your Bar Cleaning Services?

We are the most outstanding cleaning and janitorial services in Westfield. We put the best foot forward and leave a mark wherever we offer our services. Reasons why you should choose our services to include:

Our Bar Cleaning Services

We offer a wide array of services that suits all your needs. Our bar cleaning processes include:

Parking Lot and Backend cleaning

The parking lot is the first place clients interact when they come to your bar. We clean the area, collect the dirt and ensure that clients get a good, safe place. We also inspect the parking lot and ensure it has a powerful lighting system.
Fridge checks- As we clean the fridge, we ensure everything is in place. We also advise the bar owners on any issue we may see on the premise. Our services are wholesome since our staff is professionally trained.

Cleaning and dusting

We clean floors, chairs, and tables. First, we wipe all the shelves and displays and the area beneath the tables. Next, the rails are cleaned and disinfected. Next, our staff lift the floor drains and remove any dirt and sand. After that, we sanitize the drains and replace everything.

Wash all utensils

All glassware and racks are washed and wiped with non-fluffy linen. The ice scoops and dishes are also cleaned and sanitized. At the same time, we defrost all the fridges and clear everything.

Floor Care

We clean the floors, polish and wax them. A clean floor ensures that you have a good business reputation and image. It also motivates the productivity of your employees.

Window and door cleaning

Windows allow customers to window shop since they can quickly peek into your business. Their cleanliness plays a role in attracting clients. We clean the windows and doors to ensure that your bar does not become a health hazard. Reach out to us when you need to clean all your windows and doors.

Replace Beer Mats

Beer mats protect your table from any spills. Therefore, the more these mats are used, the more they get dirty. After replacing the mats, we soak and clean them with detergent. Their freshness is our priority.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Your carpets keep your bar warm and give it a neat and classy look. Unfortunately, these carpets attract dust, and if they are not cleaned on time, they can attract pests. Cleaning carpets is not easy, and our company understands what it takes to restore their fluffiness. All the clean carpets are dusted and aired well. We also disinfect them to remove any pests.

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U.S. Janitorial Services of Florida, Lakeland area, aids business people with the best bar cleaning services. We can create a cleaning schedule that guarantees a clean premise round the clock. We offer complete cleaning of tables, chairs, carpets, upholstery, utensils, and rides. We also do the toilets, your bar’s back area, and the parking lot. Our professional staff also take note of the faulty equipment as they clean and send you a list. As a result, we ensure that your business runs on a high level of efficiency and productivity. If you experience an emergency such as a fire or flooding of your bar premises, you can call us for our services, and we will offer a professional job within a short time. You can give us a call or drop us a message. We will call you and discuss the kind of commercial cleaning you need. Alternatively, you can contact us on our website and drop us a message. Our consultation is free.
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