What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic Disinfection Process with Spray & Chemicals

What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Do you need electrostatic disinfection services? The only way to know this is by getting a precise definition of what this cleaning service entails.

Understanding the operation of electrostatic disinfectants requires basic physics. Electrostatic Disinfection is a procedure that uses electrostatic sprayers for the task. The sprayers apply a positive charge on chemical disinfectants- which are in liquid form. The disinfectants pass through the nozzle, gaining the positive charge and into the air. They are then attracted by negatively charged surfaces that are potentially contaminated with pathogens.

The surface being disinfected is guaranteed complete disinfection because the method works to provide 360-degree coverage. The disinfectant then works to kill the pathogens effectively, leaving them pathogen-free.

The electrostatic disinfection method is a technique that is regarded to be highly efficient. In addition, wastage of the liquid disinfectant is prevented because excess amounts are repelled and attracted by negatively charged surfaces that aren’t covered.

Electrostatic Disinfection has been a disinfection technique that has been used to kill pathogens for several years. It has been used to disinfect medical institutions, schools, commercial kitchens, and several commercial spaces. However, its popularity reached its peak at the onset of the novel COVID-19 in early 2020. Its popularity was mainly attributed to its unmatched disinfection performance when it comes to killing pathogens.

For the business office setup, proper disinfection services are needed for proper sanitation of office equipment. This is required for any business that values the health of its employees and clients. This will go a long way into maintaining employees’ good health and keeping contagious diseases in check!

Electrostatic Disinfection

There are those few areas that traditional cleaning can’t deal with; those spots you can’t reach. Such spots exist between equipment we use, in kitchen paraphernalia, or even under items that are permanently placed. A special and dedicated cleaning technique works to clean such surfaces effectively, such as electrostatic Disinfection.

The above-stated areas and spots that can’t be cleaned are shelters for various pathogens. Such surfaces are marred with viruses, bacteria, and fungi that are ever reproducing. The need to disinfect them often can’t be stressed enough. This is because they are potentially dangerous as they lead to the spread of pathogens that cause serious diseases to the host. The diseases caused are also highly contagious, leading to several people suffering from a particular disease within a short time.

In this age, pathogens are probably man’s greatest enemies hence the need to combat them. Electrostatic disinfection performance when it comes to killing pathogens is simply unmatched. The process can kill pathogens incredibly well, making it amongst the most recommended.

For instance, in facilities where someone has tested positive for a virus, such as COVID-19, this is a disinfection method that effectively prevents the spread of the virus. The patient had probably touched surfaces in the facility. Those surfaces have a significant chance of being contaminated with the virus. From research,

Electrostatic Disinfection is thrice as effective as traditional disinfection methods.

When it comes to commercial spaces, traditional Disinfection and sanitation methods should be ruled out. They don’t get the job done since they are inferior in the procedure they are applied. They are not capable of reaching some areas and are not as efficient as modern disinfection techniques. Moreover, they can lead to the spread of the contaminants to other areas- hence just transferring the pathogens.

Commercial workplaces are also common for their heavy human traffic daily. They are in use almost all days of the week, some of them offering essential services that people can’t go without. Take the examples of medical centers, schools, media houses, and even restrooms. Therefore, every disinfection or sanitation work that needs to be done will have to be efficient and take the least time possible.

The disinfection service of your choice needs to be well chosen so that you don’t inconvenience those who use the facility. Electrostatic Disinfection comes through as a sanitation service that takes the least time and effort to get done with. If you hire professionals to offer the disinfection service, they know the best way to complete the job while maintaining the schedule that was agreed upon.

You are not only offering your staff and clients a pathogen-free environment but are also boosting their morale. You will realize that high sanitation within the premises gives the employees the necessary confidence for their work. There will also be fewer sick days from the staff as they will be healthier. This eventually goes a long way into increasing the productivity of the business. Moreover, when you hire professionals to provide the Electrostatic Disinfection service, you can focus the time and efforts of your staff on what they do best- that is, raking in money for the business!


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