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You need professional cleaning services when your commercial space is disorganized and dirty. Commercial cleaning services, Fort Myers will help in cleaning your commercial and industrial area. We are a professional commercial cleaning service that has been offering cleaning services for more than ten years in Fort Myers, Florida. Based in Fort Myers, Florida, we have grown into a large company, and today, we serve more than 400 clients outside Florida.

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Our services

Commercial cleaning services, Fort Myers offers the best cleaning services. We use modern cleaning tools and the best products on the market. Our professional cleaning services leave your space clean and disinfected with high air quality.

Office Cleaning and Disinfection

A successful office space should be clean, dust-free, and well organized. In addition, the staff and your clients must enjoy a clean room with high air quality. Our commercial office cleaning tasks include dusting table tops, cleaning toilets, mopping floors, polishing surfaces, wiping light switches, and cleaning the kitchens and various appliances. Cleaning all these spaces will take a few hours, but we offer our services when you are not at work. In addition, we disinfect the office to eliminate pests and nasty odors that may cause sickness among staff and clients.

Post-Construction cleaning

You have constructed your homes or commercial space, but there is too much dirt and dust. The environment will be hazardous to your staff and even the workers setting up the business. You need a specialized company to clean the space and give you an easy time when rolling out the machinery. Commercial cleaning services in Fort Myers clean the space and make it easy to install machines and arrange your retail items.

Car Dealership Cleaning

We offer commercial cleaning services for car dealerships in Fort Myers. A clean dealership gives your customers an excellent first impression. Smart and clean paces play a role in turning potential clients into dealers. We dust the cars and clean the floors, glass doors, windows, toilets, switches, lights, front spaces, and ramps.

Retail Cleaning

Retail cleaning involves cleaning, dusting, and disinfecting your retail space or outlet. After cleaning your retail space, we will organize your space and merchandise. We ensure that we save time and clean your space during off-peak hours when you do not have clients. Cleaning up your retail space ensures that your clients and staff do not have to worry about clean and disorganized spaces. In addition, all our clients will be impressed by the high level of organization with clean air.

School Cleaning

One of the places where we render our services is schools. We clean several schools in Fort Myers, Florida, during non-school hours. In addition, our company has scheduled services such that we offer the cleaning when students and staff are not in school. Some of the cleaning activities we provide to schools include sweeping and emptying bins, vacuuming carpeted areas, cleaning toilets, and inspecting the school for any hazards. We stand out as the best cleaning company in Fort Myers, Florida.

Medical Office Cleaning

You need a clean office if you are a medical practitioner, such as a therapist or pediatrician. Patients fear meeting doctors and physicians in dirty and congested spaces with poor air quality. Our staff understands all the cleaning tasks that should be done in your office. First, we clean all the surfaces such as examination beds, seats, tables, and chairs. Next, we throw away the dust and empty all the bins according to their labels. Lastly, we disinfect all the spaces and ensure that the toilets, kitchen, and shelves are dust-free and clean. If you have some potted plants, we also clean and water them. Feel confident to contact us for the best cleaning services in Fort Myers, Florida.

Industrial Cleaning

We clean small, medium, and large industrial spaces in Fort Myers, Florida. We use modern equipment to achieve high cleanliness levels in your industrial space. Commercial cleaning services, Fort Myers discovered that small cleaning tools are not reliable in industrial cleaning. Therefore, we have ordered the best tools to clean your industrial space. In addition, we offer on-the-job training for our clients and take them through safety cleaning courses. Other clean spaces include mechanical equipment, lounges, cafeterias, employee locker areas, private offices, and other small personalized spaces. You can contact us to offer the best cleaning services in your industrial space.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

A clean restaurant means much to your clients. Customers who see a clean and dustless atmosphere tend to stay longer and buy more food. In addition, a clean restaurant promotes a positive image among staff and consumers. Therefore, your restaurant’s best interest is hiring commercial cleaning services in Fort Myers. We will clean your restaurant when you are closed and disinfect it to reduce contamination risks. Our cleaning chores involve cleaning the freezers, back end dusting the seats, tables and lights, switches, plus all the utensils.

Specialty cleaning services

We also offer specialty cleaning in the following areas:

  • Fort Myers tripping, waxing, and polishing floors
  • Janitorial services in Fort Myers
  • Power washing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pressure-washing in Fort Myers
  • Upholstery Cleaning Fort Myers


We offer our services in Fort Myers and the neighboring cities.
Definitely yes. We clean all those places and disinfect them. We avoid taking chances with the thousands of event attendees.
Of course yes. You can create a checklist on the areas that need cleaning. We always listen to all our clients.
Yes, we do all our regular route based service for businesses.
No, you do not need to. But we have a cleaning checklist that you have to tick. It has areas of cleaning along with the budget. You can use the checklist to alter your cleaning services with a phone call.
Yes, we do. We allow all our clients to cancel their requests before 48 hours are over.

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Commercial and retail businesses have contacted us to clean their spaces. We have professional staff who have been trained on the job. Our company customizes cleaning plans according to the size of your space, and our costs are effective. Commercial cleaning services, Fort Myers transforms your commercial and retail space into a clean and organized space with high-quality air. All you need to do is drop us a message and reach out. We will respond to your class and discuss your cleaning needs.

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