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Are you in need of spotless commercial cleaning services? Look no further than Fort Myers Janitorial Services. The company provides businesses in Fort Myers with commercial cleaning services, and they have set high levels of excellence in the cleaning market. Our professional staff are well-trained and passionate about their services. Fort Myers Janitorial Services managers take their time to listen to you and create a customized plan and schedule for your business. We utilize proven techniques and methods that are reliable in the industry and get the best outcomes backed by five-star ratings and reviews.

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Event Venues

Are you an event-promoting company? One thing that makes tickets for events sell fast is when the event venue is clean and organized. People may not purchase your tickets if the establishment is dusty, littered with dirty toilets. Our company, Fort Myers Janitorial services, offers the best commercial cleaning services for all event venues in Fort Myers. Our staff have experience in cleaning large event spaces such as stadiums. The managers invite you for a meeting where you discuss all your cleaning needs, and we customize a cleaning plan.

Office Buildings

Fort Myers Janitorial Services make your workplace clean, healthier and inspiring. Our professional cleaning services ensure that we meet your office cleaning standards. If possible, we encourage our clients to help us create an office cleaning schedule. We are passionate about cleaning your office and creating a conducive and productive working environment. Your employees will love working in your office environment, and your clients will get better quality services.

Auto Dealerships

All auto dealerships know that cleaning the showroom floor, windows, and glass doors is central to converting potential visitors into clients. At your auto dealership, we will clean restrooms, wash windows and offices, dust the cars, clean the tile surfaces and take care of the parking lots and sidewalks. Your clients will know that you care about their experience by maintaining spotless dealerships. A great impression is central to attracting clients.

Apartment Buildings

Avoid letting your apartment building get neglected in the dirt. Instead, you can invest in our consistent and high-quality cleaning services. We clean and maintain the apartments and condominium image. Our services focus on common areas such as lounge areas, elevators, stairs, and the front and back. In addition, we collect all the trash leaving the parking lot and sidewalks clean.

Disinfecting Services

We tackle the hotspots in a building or an office. Our services include disinfecting hot spot areas such as: Telephones, doorknobs and handles, light switches, restroom handle, elevator buttons, copiers, keyboards, faucets, and toilet flush buttons/handles. We use electrostatic sprayers to disinfect every space in your building or office.

Retail establishments

Every retail store should be clean before they open its doors to display and sell its merchandise. Fort Myers Janitorial Services create a customizable cleaning plan that fits the budget and schedule of every client. In addition, you can contact us for professional cleaning services. We ensure that we meet your expectations.

Medical Facilities

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical offices, and emergency rooms must be clean and disinfected at all times, given the nature of clients. Therefore, these builds must stick to the highest standards of cleanliness possible. Our services guarantee a clean and safe space for healthcare professionals and patients. We are committed to OSHA regulations on cleaning medical facilities, and we assure you that we will meet your needs.

Places of Worship

Having spotless places of worship helps your congregation feel comfortable. We offer a valued resource in Fort Myers, where we clean all places of worship. We create schedules that enable us to clean mosques, churches, synagogues, and temples when there is no worshiper around. In addition, the company produces a custom cleaning plan which ensures that we maintain the cleanliness of these beautiful buildings.

Educational Facilities

Fort Myers schools and other educational institutions such as daycares and universities have primarily benefited from our janitorial services. Cleaning makes the spaces safe and ensures that children grow in a clean and nurturing environment. We clean classes, restrooms, lecture halls, staff offices, kitchens, and halls. Whether you own a small daycare or a campus, Fort Myers Janitorial services are always at hand to help. Your needs are our priority.

Other specialty services that we offer

Floor Care- We take care of tiled floors. We offer waxing and extensive cleaning. Warehouse cleaning Trucking Facilities- Our services include cleaning and disinfecting trucks Government Buildings Financial Institutions- We clean banks and other institutions.

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We cover Fort Myers, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Davenport and their surrounding areas. You can call us and we will deliver our professional services.
Yes you can trust our employees. They have been trained professionally and they can deliver the best services.
Yes, we run background checks on our employers. Besides, we screen them before they get into your office and when they get out.
No, we clean the entire place during your preferred time.
Yes, we multiple buildings at once. We have hundreds of professional staff and enough machines.
You can pay us using Discovery, MasterCard, American Express credit cards.
We send an invoice to your invoice or email once a month.
No, you do not need to sign a contract. We do a checklist on the services that you need. You can always change the checklist to suit your needs.

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Fort Myers Janitorial services conduct the best services within the shortest time possible. We clean during your off-peak hours to avoid inconveniencing you. We adhere to the highest cleaning standards in the industry. Our managers can set up a meeting where we can create a customizable cleaning plan for your office. Our prices are flexible, and our services are reliable and consistent. Our staff is trained to handle emergency cleaning, and you can trust us to deliver. Reach out to us, and we can discuss your cleaning needs and create a cleaning schedule that does not affect your service delivery time.
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