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When your industrial space is not clean, it lowers the productivity of your employees. The best idea is to allocate your cleaning services to Commercial Cleaning Services, Miami.

We are a professional commercial cleaning company and have been offering the best cleaning services for over two decades in Miami, Florida. Our company started in Miami, and over the years, we have grown to serve more than 300 clients outside Florida. Our company’s beauty is that our services are consistent, which has led to the growth of our client base—we clean churches, schools, industrial spaces, auto dealerships, and many more.

Why Should You Work With Us?

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Our services

Schools and Universities

Educational facilities often have many students and staff at any given time. This means that the spaces are open to cross-contamination. It is essential to keep such spaces safe and clean to prevent the spread of diseases. Commercial Cleaning Services, Miami clean common areas in the school, such as the restrooms, cafeterias, corridors, windows, dusting, flooring, and sports facilities. Our company understands the essence of a clean and sanitized school. After cleaning, we spray sanitizers on high-frequency touchpoints such as door handles, switches, and tables. We can customize a plan for cleaning your school or campus.

Auto Dealership Cleaning

We provide high-performance cleaning for your auto dealership. Commercial Cleaning Services, Miami leave your dealership spaces clean. We understand your clientele, and your space must be dust and germ-free.

Banks and Financial Institutions Cleaning

We offer the best cleaning services to your financial institutions. A clean bank provides your clients confidence to transact and do business. We clean the counters, empty the bins, and clean windows, doors, carpets, and upholstery. A pure financial institution ensures that clients and employers are confident, safe, and healthy.

Business Offices

We clean business offices in Miami and the surrounding areas. You need to call us if you have offices and do not know where to begin. Whether private or public offices, we can create a good cleaning schedule and clean your offices throughout the year. From the parking lot to the restrooms, our services ensure that your clients get the best impression.

Museum Cleaning

Museums offer some unique spaces for displaying art and learning. Our cleaning services include cleaning and disinfecting the museum cafeterias, offices, restrooms, empty trash cans, exhibit halls, and the rest. We also disinfect and sanitize the museum to eliminate cross-contamination.

Government offices

Government offices often occupy whole buildings and large spaces. These offices have a high traffic of both employees and people seeking services. As a result, they have high levels of contamination and need commercial cleaning. We offer deep cleaning services to ensure that both the occupants and clients are safe. Our cleaning includes wiping all the surfaces, sweeping floors, and mopping them—cleaning restrooms and kitchens. Contact us for the best cleaning services.

Daycare Centers & Preschools Cleaning

The safety and health of preschoolers and young children are a top priority. Our cleaning services ensure that all the kids are safe. We use eco-friendly products to clean your daycares and preschools. Our kid-friendly cleaning strategies make the spaces safe and clean.

Event Cleaning

If you have a conference, concert, or tradeshow, you need a clean space for your event. Your visitors need a safe and healthy space that is well-sanitized and can enjoy themselves without worry. Commercial cleaning services, Miami have a smart method of cleaning event centers such as outdoor spaces, music venues, film theaters, concert halls, and arenas. All your windows, kitchen, restrooms, flooring, and high-frequency touch points will be thoroughly clean and scrubbed. When the event is over, we also offer our services and ensure you leave a clean space for other functions.

Manufacturing and Industrial Areas

As an industry owner or operator, you need a reliable commercial cleaning company that offers consistent cleaning services. A safe environment plays a role in the productivity of your employees. Commercial Cleaning Services, Miami clear the garbage and recycle the rest. We adhere to the unique safety needs of industrial and manufacturing sites. Moreover, we can do flooring for you and notify you of any flaws.

Other places that we clean:

  • Places of worship
  • Banks
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Stadiums
  • Healthcare facilities

Fitness and Gym Centers

Our company cleans your fitness centers and gyms. These places are the contamination points since people sweat a lot in them. After exercising, people fail to clean the mats, floors, bike handles and seats, bells, and kettles. The best part of our commercial cleaning services is cleaning every shareable item such as mats, all bikes, shelves, exercise items, rugs, ropes, and stones. We ensure that your gym does not become a cross-contamination point.


Yes, our cleaning schedule is flexible and highly consistent.
Yes, we do. We clean temples, churches, and synagogues. We follow all the instructions and respect all the shrines and holy places.
No. You do not need to move a thing.
Yes we clean during off-peak hours when your staff and employees are not around.
All of our employees are screened for background checks. In addition, they are transparent and well-trained.
We come with our cleaning supplies. You do not have to sweat about buying the materials and equipment.
No, our employees are well-screened when they enter and leave your premises. All your tools will be secure.

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You do not have to sweat out when you think about cleaning your commercial or industrial space. Commercial and retail businesses have contacted us to clean their spaces given our efficient and consistent services. Moreover, we customize our cleaning plans according to your budget, area, and schedule. All you need to do is drop us a message and reach out. We will respond to your class and discuss your cleaning needs. Commercial cleaning services, Miami transforms your commercial and retail space into a clean and organized room with high-quality air.
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